Fileboard Sales Assistant

Our Sales Assistant AI tells your sales team when your prospects get engaged and when to follow up

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Palo Alto Networks


Daily Task Roundup

All sales tasks due for the day are organized and color coded

Take Action directly from your sales tasks

Email, start a meeting, call, or send collateral right from the task with one click

Uniquely Focused Tasks

Specific tasks for each lead in an account generated after call or email campaigns

Engagement Tasks

Follow up tasks are automatically generated for every form of customer engagement

Forgot to Follow up or never got a reply? No problem.

If you forget to follow up or don’t get a response, tasks are still generated for each contact based on priority.

Make your Sales Goals

Set daily targets for task completion

What our customers are saying

Stacey Storey Praetorian Digital

Fileboard has helped us by increasing the activity level of our sales team based on the data it provides. This increased activity has resulted in pipeline growth and a faster close rate.

Praetorian Digital – Stacey Storey

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