Live Meeting in Fileboard for Salesforce


Live meeting is one of the many great features Fileboard provides in its complete package for salesforce professionals. However, it is possible that users might get confused to use Fileboard’s live meeting tool in its full capacity. If you are already a Fileboard user, this guide will definitely help you understand and operate this live meetings tool efficiently. If you are not a Fileboard user, this guide will still introduce you to different functions and operating mechanisms of our live meeting tool.

With Fileboard integrating seamlessly with Salesforce, conducting a Live Meeting is pretty easy!

This means that you can easily reach out to your Salesforce prospects without even logging in to Salesforce. There are several features that we have designed especially for sales professionals with the help and recommendations of our current client base of more than 850 companies. This guide will helps perform the following tasks easily

  • Logging in to Fileboard from within your Salesforce CRM.
  • Scheduling a live meeting with any prospect using Fileboard.
  • Starting a live meeting from either Salesforce, or right from your desktop.
  • File Sharing, Screen Sharing, Taking Notes, Webpage sharing, and drawing features.

All these tools when used in harmony will leave a great impression and will also make things a lot easier for you. Your performance is the key to get your prospect interested. Fileboard helps you perform professionally without the hustle of using multiple tools.  Live-Meeting-Fileboard-Salesforce

Fileboard’s Live Meeting tool is a complete package to perform efficient and a perfect sales meeting

If you need help with general strategies and guidance on conducting a live meeting, click here to download our whitepaper to conduct your live meetings efficiently.

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