Killer Mass Email Guide: Set qualified demos and appointments with prospects faster


Sales professionals mostly have to use mass email services to reach out to more prospects in less time. However, most of the sales reps lose heart when they don’t get a good response after all the hard work they have put in their very first campaigns.
If you fit this profile have you ever given it a thought what it is that you are doing wrong? If yes, then today is your lucky day.

Mass Email is not about getting lists, sending emails & waiting for a response

In fact, if you are doing this, you are just wasting your time in a very efficient way! Have you ever given any consideration to these points?

  • How many emails should you send out?
  • Who are your ideal customers?
  • How to get over 40% open rate?
  • What should be the content of your cold email?
  • Can I create my own processes for customer touches?
  • What are the ideal number of touches to get that meeting?
  • How do I know who is ready for a next step?

And the list goes on. Answering these questions before you send out your campaign is critical to achieve success.  Mass Emails

Do realize that executing a successful mass email campaign is a scientific process, NOT an art!

Yes, gone are the days where email marketing was still a disruptive idea and people loved to read every email with interest. Things were easy back then, but they are more interesting nowadays. There are many different variables which your mass email campaign counts on. Some of these are already mentioned in the questions we have proposed above. If you are struggling with the issues we just mentioned, answers and practical strategies to these issues are here in this free guide. This is not some normal miles long whitepaper of general strategies you read everyday. It is the way WE do mass email prospecting successfully

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