Content Tracking & Analytics

Track the slide by slide and second by second analytics of your linked sales collateral

Content Tracking & Analytics

Join 1000’s of sales leaders and reps who Fileboard





Palo Alto Networks


Document Engagement Tracking

See lead time spent on page in Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and PDFs

Web Engagement Tracking

See lead time spent on webpages & images

Video Engagement Tracking

See lead time spent on videos

Content Discovery by Account

Find the content that closes deals at Account, Opportunity, and Contact level.

Accrue Top Performing Sales Collateral

Discover and use your top performing sales collateral, slides and pages.

Uncover New Marketing Insights

Set daily targets for task completion

Track Top Performing email templates

Discover your top performing email templates with their attached collateral, open and click through rates

What our customers are saying

Stacey Storey Praetorian Digital

Fileboard has helped us by increasing the activity level of our sales team based on the data it provides. This increased activity has resulted in pipeline growth and a faster close rate.

Praetorian Digital – Stacey Storey

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