Fileboard – The Leading Clearslide Alternative with a Process – gets you 30% more wins 40% faster

Clearslide is just a toolbox. Your success is directly dependent on each rep’s ability to use the tools. But research shows that being successful as a rep is not a personal trait you can hire.

Fileboard is an integrated sales platform with a patent pending & easy to learn sales process. We prioritise your sales tasks based on actual customer engagement and we give you all the tools your reps need (including the ones that Clearslide has) to execute those tasks and be successful in sales. It makes reps close 30% more deals 40% faster.

Give a rep Clearslide, and he will sell for a day.
Give him Fileboard, and he will sell for a lifetime.

How Fileboard is different

What you get



You get an integrated sales platform with all the tools you need to be successful in sales. It saves you 1 day a week from switching applications.

You get a sales process that gets you 30% more wins.
We tell you what to do next so you follow a consistent sales process, prevent deals from dying and hit targets faster.

You get up to speed 40% faster.
Our sales process is so simple and effective, it gets even the most inexperienced reps ramped up 40% faster. Save an average of 3 months of lost quota on onboarding new reps.

You never have to log again.
Fileboard automatically log your sales activities, your prospect reactions, and even syncs this with your CRM. Spend more time on core selling activities!

You celebrate harder.
Sales should be fun! We constantly track and show your sales progress, we motivate you to reach your goals and we help you to celebrate your achievements.

You get the industry’s best Salesforce Integration.
You can use all of Fileboard directly from within Salesforce and automatically sync your opportunities, leads, records and sales activities.

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