Account Based Sales Dialer

Use our advanced sales dialer specifically designed for account-based sales teams.

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Daily Prospecting Lists

With one click import contact or leads list from CRM or any other source and create account centric view.

Find the decision maker faster

In account centric easily mark the ideal customer profile, persona and job title.

Click to Dial

Place calls with single click using your existing phone.

Click to Call

Place calls from with a click of a button from your CRM or any other application.

Auto Save Numbers

Easily save phone numbers of newly discovered contacts.

In Call

While on call start or schedule online meeting, take notes, create new contact or send email.

Post Call

Finish notes, create call back tasks, remove contact, update opportunity status and listen to call recording.

What our customers are saying

Stacey Storey Praetorian Digital

Fileboard has helped us by increasing the activity level of our sales team based on the data it provides. This increased activity has resulted in pipeline growth and a faster close rate.

Praetorian Digital – Stacey Storey

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