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A new approach is needed for Sales Development. It takes 22 dials or more to connect with a prospect today. Use Fileboard’s ABSD platform to generate highly qualified opportunities for your outbound sales team

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Import and Transform your data into an Account View

Account Based Sales starts with having a single view of your Account. Fileboard automatically transforms imported leads, contacts by Account. Consolidate leads, opportunities, or contacts into this view for a straightforward prospecting campaign.

Import and Transform your data into an Account View

Personalize and customize content for sales personas and verticals

Personalize and customize content for personas and verticals

The spray and pray approach doesn’t work any more. Use Fileboard to send highly relevant, easily customizable content withe all kinds of rich media to engage your prospects. Learn how much time they spent viewing a presentation, which slides they looked at, and how often they opened it. Most solutions just track email opens, Fileboard finds the insights you need for the close. Create new campaigns from dynamic lists of engaged prospects and spend more time closing.

Targeted prospecting campaigns to accounts, personas, and job titles

Use sequential email campaigns with customized follow up based on prospect engagement. Did your lead open our email, but never read the linked sales content? Fileboard will send an highly customized follow up based on actual engagement. Quickly build custom prospecting lists based on engagement, account, job title, and many more filters!

Account Based Sales

Engage an entire account quickly

Engage an entire account quickly

Fileboard create dynamics list of engaged propects which you can segment based on account or persona. Easily work through an account & use your own phone number with VOIP or click to dial capability. Make notes during the call and mark decision makers when you reach them. Schedule follow up calls or sales meetings directly from the Fileboard Dialer.

We prioritize your prospects based on interest

Where does your work day start? Fileboard is built from the ground up to prioritize your prospects daily. Sales Assistant tracks each prospect’s individual engagement and tells you when to follow up, so you can connect with interested prospects at exactly the right time and have more relevant conversations. These follow up tasks are generated based on each prospects’s actions. View tasks for a complete account or contacts.

We prioritize your prospects based on interest

What our customers are saying

Stacey Storey Praetorian Digital

Fileboard has helped us by increasing the activity level of our sales team based on the data it provides. This increased activity has resulted in pipeline growth and a faster close rate.

Praetorian Digital – Stacey Storey

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