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What’s similar?

Both platforms provide a way for sales reps to present from a personal URL and view how engaged a customer is.

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What’s not similar?

The biggest difference…Besides being far easier to use, Fileboard doesn’t force your reps to change what they’re doing; it helps your reps do what they’re currently doing better.

Since Fileboard is a dedicated salesforce app (Clearslide is not), 100% of the functionality can be accessed without leaving salesforce.

To learn more about the differences between ClearSlide and Fileboard, download our “ClearSlide vs Fileboard for Salesforce Feature Comparison” whitepaper.

With Fileboard inside of salesforce, your reps never have to manually log a presentation, sent file, or meeting notes again. These events are automatically recorded in the account record, allowing your reps to spend time selling instead of updating.

There are many more benefits when you start using Fileboard. To experience it yourself sign up today for our 14 day free trial.

* Clearslide and the Clearslide logo are registered trademarks of Clearslide inc. Fileboard is not associated with Clearslide in any way and its trademarks are only used here for comparative purposes.

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