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Tools for Online Sales Tracking Software

Engaging with clients in an increasingly online world to ascertain potential sales requires a sales force to use sales tracking software. Software that allows sales representatives to apply sales analytics to better understand clients and their interest in a given product is important to stay competitive.  No longer can a sales representative just concentrate on making […]

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Sales Presentation Tracking and Digital Body Language

Interactive online presentations offer the mobile sales force unique opportunities to gauge and hone the power of their pitch. Sales Presentation tracking software allows the astute presenter to assess the prospect’s readiness to buy, his or her specific interests, and the impact of the presentation. It all comes down to digital body language. In a face-to-face meeting, a salesperson […]

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Fileboard Live: The Top Performer in Presentation Apps

The Official Fileboard iOS app Fileboard Live is an advanced system of presentation apps that goes with you wherever you and your iPhone or iPad go. Presentation apps are an essential. Fileboard Live works on iOS devices without downloads—with your personal url. But what makes Fileboard Live stand out as a top performer in presentation apps? #1: […]

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Small Business: Lead Generation through Online Presentation Tools

Delving onto advertising mediums online is not an easy decision for small companies or sole proprietorships. The cost to acquire interested leads through lists is always expensive.The internet is a great portal for sharing information without having to be in the same physical location. Bringing multiple people to a single meeting through online presentation tools […]

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Getting to Yes: 2 Savvy Steps to Sales Pipeline Management

My pipeline is overflowing with leads. How do I approach sales pipeline management to make the most of my pipeline? If your marketing team excels at lead generation, you are in luck. But more than good fortune will be needed for sales pipeline management that leads to maximizing closings. And even the best marketing team will generate […]

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Sales Automation to Provide Data for your Sales force

DO you remember what is was like to go on your first sales call? It may have been awhile since you have been out there. Do you remember the uncertainty? The fear of the unknown. You wondered if you were going to talk to the client, and if so, what questions were they going to ask. […]

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Ten do’s and don’ts of live presentation

Sometimes giving a live presentation can be nerve wrecking; there is a lot to get right, and perhaps just as much to get wrong. This is doubly true when you’re marketing something rather than just informing. However, it’s not as bad as it seems as long as you keep a few simple things in mind. Here are […]

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3 Tips for Live Business Presentations

Face it: sometimes you just need to face it. Business conventions, product presentations, meeting potential investors or new clients – you have to speak in front of people, maybe 2, maybe 2000. Sometimes things like that happen in a heartbeat, so why not be prepared? In fact, lots of people get completely terrified in situations […]

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Overcoming Sales Resistance with Sales Presentation Tools

When designing your sales presentation tools you need to inoculate them against the major sources of sales resistance that gurus like Dale Carnegie (1888-1955) wrote about extensively. Carnegie’s best seller How to Win Friends & Influence People has been in print for 70 years and, as Tim Parker writes on the Intuit Small Business Blog: “Ultimately, a sales transaction […]

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