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Manage Your Pipeline

Quickly find out if your sales reps are reaching the right people across different stages of your pipeline. Fileboard gives you real-time engagement metrics that reveal who’s ready to buy right now and who’s just wasting your time.

Optimize Your Calls

Do your live sales calls resonate with your ideal buyer? Or do they bore your prospects to tears? Fileboard removes the guesswork by showing you the highlights and lowlights of your presentations from your buyer’s perspective.

Shorten Your Sales Cycles

Instantly identify sales opportunities by reading your prospects’ digital body language. Fileboard shows you which prospects are interacting with your sales presentations and where they might be getting stuck. Use these insights to address objections head-on and close deals faster.

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Fileboard has really helped me get a grasp on which slides are selling and which are not.

- Richard Rosen, FastCall, CEO

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